So Close: I Need Your Help To Get “Micah’s Touch” Published

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Most of you know that, for the last four years, I have been working on my book “Micah’s Touch.”  It has undergone a number of revisions and changes but has been finished for at least six months, or until the next editor shows interest and suggest changes.  I have learned a lot about publishing through the traditional process and it is a frustrating process, but one that has built patience and made me a better writer.

First Publisher:

Before ever arriving in Colorado three years ago, I had spoken to a small but promising publisher who had agreed to publish “Micah’s Touch” and was interested in at least two more of my ideas for future books.  You can imagine how disappointing it was after we arrived to find out that the publisher had been merged with a larger publisher who was not interested in publishingMicah’s Touch.”

Encouraging Interest:

Then I attended a writer’s conference where four out of the five literary agents there and two publishers requested meetings with me. Few of those who attend these conferences get to meet with agents or publishers one on one.  Every person I met with who requested a sample of the book asked that I send them the entire manuscript plus a book proposal.  One of the agents later would contact me and express great appreciation for my writing but did not know how the book could be marketed.  She suggested I rework the book as a spiritual memoir.


At the same time  the agent suggested the book become a  memoir, I began working with a very talented and helpful writing coach and she made the same suggestion.  It took over a year to complete the full rewrite but once it was complete everyone felt that the book was strong and ready to be picked up by a publisher.

969422 So Close: I Need Your Help To Get Micahs Touch PublishedSo Close:

A number of publishers have shown interest and always spoken highly of the book, but each time the biggest stumbling block has been what publishers call my platform.  They love the book but do not believe that I have enough support and connections to sell enough copies for them to recoup their investment.  There was one editor at a major publishing house who did like the book enough that she was preparing to go forward despite her concerns about my lack of a strong platform.  Only days before an offer was going to be made the publisher her imprint was under reorganized, and she was let go.

I Need Your Help:

Why am I telling you all this?  Well, first to ask you for prayer.  Imagine working four years on something that basically lays your life out for the world to see.  Being told it is an excellent book and your a good writer, even being told the book will change lives.  However, then having people not move forward because they do not think you will be able to support your own book through sales.  Would you pray for Edith and me?

1 e1397022180492 821x1023 So Close: I Need Your Help To Get Micahs Touch PublishedThe other reason is that I need your help.  Once again someone has shown interest in “Micah’s Touch.”  They have      asked that I send them a marketing plan for how I intend to promote and market the book.  A large part of that plan  rest, once again, on my platform.  One of the main ways agents and publishers evaluate your platform is through your website subscribers and your social media presence.  I need to move my social media numbers from the hundreds into the thousands, and that is where you come in.

Here is what I need:

I need you personally to do the steps at the end of this letter and then ask as many of your family, neighbors, friends an co-workers to do the same.  I have listed each action item in order of importance.  So, if you can not do all of them you can at least do the first few.  Here they are:

1. Please subscribe to . On the right side of this page you will see a place for you to put your email in so you can subscribe to to this blog.  I now have 140.  I need at least a 1,000 if not more.  Subscribe to as soon as you can.  Make sure that you go to your email and CONFIRM you subscribed or it will not count. Only subscriptions that have been confirmed are listed.

2. Go to my Facebook FAN page, not my personal page, and like it.  The page is brand new, but it will improve in the days to come.  For now, I just need likes.  here is the link:

3.  If we are not friends on Facebook, please friend me.  Here is the link:

4. Follow me on Twitter if you use Twitter.  Here is the link:

5. Follow me on Google + if you use it.  Here is the link:

6. Follow me on Instagram if you belong to it. Here is the link:

7. Connect with me on Linkedin if you use the site.  Also, it would be helpful if you endorsed me as a “Writer.”  Here is the link:

8. Visit as often as possible, comment on posts in the comment box following the post, look through the different pages and enjoy the free stuff.

9.  If you subscribe to, but you do not like getting email from the site just ignore them but please do not unsubscribe – At least not until I sign a contract for the book.

I have tried to make this as simple as possible.  It should jest take a couple of minutes.  It would mean more to me than could ever imagine.

Sincere thanks!


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  • Shannon Higgs

    Hello Darian!
    I have followed and liked your pages, I will be praying for you. I enjoy reading your post and hopefully soon your book!

    • Darian G. Burns

      Thank you so much Shannon! It means more than you can imagine.

  • MaggieO85

    Supporting you Darian! A thought popped into my head. Do you know a woman named Emily Kemme in Greeley? She’s a writer too who has gone through this whole process and got a book published about a year ago I believe. She may be a good person to contact to get some advice or thoughts. You can find her on my Facebook friends page and if you message her, you can mention that I am the connection. Best wishes Darian!

    • Darian Burns

      Thanks Maggie i will do that.

    • Darian G. Burns

      Thank you Maggie. I will do that. Blessings.